For parents

Permanent education during the game

While in the game, the player will continuously learn new things and reinforce the material learnt. Almost every interaction in the game is tied with the school program knowledge. Locks on the coffers are made of equations; secret doors can be opened by deciding constantly changing sums – everything ensures speedy memorizing of material. In trade, the player will calculate the good’s price on his own; at the races, he will calculate speed and define the winner.

Knowledge presented in the form of a game is absorbed easier, and when the time is right the player will effortlessly remember the needed rules by means of associative thinking.

Accurate knowledge estimation

Game mechanics is specially engineered to estimate a student’s knowledge as accurately as possible. Marks are substituted with a character’s showings that he has gained while passing different game situations – the so-called quests. When a character’s learning abilities are used properly, this skill improves – when not, it worsens. So you can be sure about the estimation’s objectiveness at any given time. It will also be possible to understand in which cases a student makes mistakes, and what his distractions are.

Tracking all these trends will be possible, as well as drawing conclusions on this basis about the things a student is good and bad at, and the reasons why it happens this way. Your profile will have a functionality of creating accounts for your children or sending requests for binding an already created account.

100% matching school program

The game is created with the assistance of experienced school teachers. Each subject included can be taken to pieces inside of the game by topics and subtopics just like it happens at school. The patented “method of knowledge inspection and estimation” allowed creating a dynamic game that can be incorporated with any subtopic, topic or a whole subject, on standard uniform terms and rules. Detailed statistics of school topics studying is collected on the website and with its help a student’s progress in the game can be quickly tracked. All topics are added according to the “School of Russia” program, but other education plans can be applied too when necessary.