For schools


The feature set is under development.

The special site allows you to track academic performance of any student who plays Vital School. Using it lets you check the knowledge level, the speed and even the order of how it is acquired. Various features also help determine the academic average of a class, compare it with that of other classes and define who copes better and who needs help and closer attention.


The feature set is under development.

The game supports a tournament system – there is an ability to create a competition between students, teams, classes, schools, or districts. Students can be united upon any criterions, teams can be formed and types of competition can be set. Jousting contests, mass battles – almost any form of in-game tournament not only will look graphical and spark a storm of emotions, but also accurately decide the winner.


Access grant to the game constructor is under development.

The game is also accompanied with a handy constructor that allows creating your own locations and events. You can create an entire island dedicated to a specific subject not necessarily included in the school program. For example, it can be a chess or a robotechnics island adjusted to the corresponding subject by squaring or filling it with robots and machines. The constructor’s interface is simple and understandable, and provides an access to all elements of the in-game environment. If this proves insufficient, there is an ability to upload your own character or object models, which allows creating a location that will have an absolutely different style. No programming work. All quests can be created using a visual method, without any specific knowledge, by anyone.