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Are you being stuffed with information you don’t really want to process? Do you have to cope with work robots can complete faster and better? Then welcome to the Archipelago!

This is a place where everyone can find his true self and shape his destiny – even without any education. Right from the first day you will forget about boredom. No one will ever tell you what to do and won’t make you perform pointless work. From now on each day is full of new impressions! The Archipelago is a perfect solution for the new generation!

The Archipelago is the world we all deserve! It’s the world the way it should be! The conditions are perfect!

Heavenly islands not poisoned by the toxic civilization. Organic, naturally grown food. The world of plants and animals that overwhelms with its diversity. At the same time, no predators threaten your safety! You are event secured, so in case of unexpected circumstances, you always have an opportunity to fully restore your body using a teleport copy. The latest technologies solve the problem of overpopulation!

This is your story!

Have you always wanted to be like a book or a movie character? To be a discoverer, to explore ancient ruins in the jungle, or waft seas under sail? The archipelago gives you a chance to try yourself in any field – all it takes is your wish! This is the world of open possibilities, without stupid limitations such as laws and traditions.

But if the conditions this incredible place provides don’t suit you, you can always come back. Just walk through the teleport gates and you will find yourself here, in this world of dull polluted cities and boring routine. However, according to statistics, 100% of people who didn’t shy away from this travel stayed on the Archipelago. Quality level enough?

What is Vital School?

Vital School is the first MMOEPG game that allows players to gain knowledge and use it within a well though-out world of a classic multiplayer role-playing game. A coordinated team of professionals made Vital School carry out its primary aim – making education more popular – as well as possible. An intuitive gameplay helps process new information easier. The special graphics promotes diving into the magic world, inwrapping and holding players with its deepness. The whole game process is organized so to motivate the player study new things while having a good time.

Vital School aim

We use a patented method of knowledge control and evaluation. The level of player’s education has a direct impact on his character’s power. The better the player’s knowledge of the school program is, the more advanced opponents he is able to conquer.

For players

To be one of the best, a player needs to know his school program well enough – and it can be learnt and solidified right in the game process, which will make you a quick-thinker answering questions on different topics. But the game doesn’t turn into a trivia and saves the thrill of a battle.

For parents

Parents can have no worries about their child wasting time on “useless games” – Vital School players constantly process new information. Parents can even join the game to refresh their school memories.

For teachers

Teachers can use Vital School as an instrument of delivering information. Even if the game doesn’t include an educational element that needs to be passed to students, a teacher can create it using a handy and clear constructor.


A collaborative play is the cornerstone of the Game philosophy. We want players to work together with their guildship members on something bigger than killing bosses, get to know their own and others’ strengths, and show their worth.


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