What is MMOEPG

MMOEPG, or massive multiplayer online educational playground, is a computer game genre that implies a player’s education in a relaxed unpressing atmosphere. The player is free to learn the presented subjects when and how he wants, in a random order. At the same time, the player “lives” in the world full of other players and easily interacts with them. A group of players can either cooperate for a faster upgrade of their playing skills, or compete with each other.

MMOEPG differs from single-user or small multi-user online games not only in the number of players, but also in the ongoing game world (that is usually supported by the game’s issuer) that exists regardless of one particular player getting out of the game.

MMOEPG genre has not obtained a wide circulation yet because no technical capacity existed earlier to create a project of this kind.

MMOEPG has a lot in common with MMORPG (massive multiuser role-playing game), but the role-based element and some mechanic elements are partly changed to focusing on the educational part. The player focuses more not on gaining levels, gear or pay-offs, but on knowledge acquisition because knowledge is the key parameter of a character’s power. Nonetheless, the role-based element is not completely removed – the player finds himself in a fictional world that has its own story and laws, and “lives out” his character’s story there.