For teachers


The feature set is under development.

Teachers can accompany their students during the adventure helping and checking them. More importantly, teacher status allows influencing the game world directly, creating new events, quests and even locations on specific subjects (switching to a player’s screen, drawing and writing on the ground surface for all students to see, etc.).

A handy, user-friendly constructor won’t cause any problems learning, and every teacher will feel like a creator while dealing with his job task.


Game quests are constructed in such a manner that while passing them a player will for sure learn and remember the subject involved. So instead of case studies and exercises for homework, a teacher can give a task to pass a specific quest, and easily track progress on the website. Using this method provides time saving, increasing learning efficiency and helping students by playing together with them.


Game mechanics is specially engineered to estimate a student’s knowledge as accurately as possible. Marks are substituted with a character’s showings that he has gained while passing different game situations – the so-called quests. When a character’s learning abilities are used properly, this skill improves – when not, it worsens. So you can be sure about the estimation’s objectiveness at any given time.

It will also be possible to understand in which cases a student makes mistakes, and what his distractions are. Tracking all these trends will be possible, as well as drawing conclusions on this basis about the things a student is good and bad at, and the reasons why it happens this way. Your profile will have a functionality of creating accounts for your students or sending requests for binding an already created account.