Prove your knowledge in action

For the first time ever, an unconventional skillset of the character gives players assurance about the battle’s outcome either with monsters or with the other players. The player will need to retaliate against his opponent’s EVERY action to hold his own, while remembering to act too. The battle’s dynamic won’t go down – there is no step-by-step mode. A new multitasking level in the course of a battle allows nobody to stay indifferent, and in case of failure the player will understand in what respect his opponent leaves him behind, be it speed of reaction or the skillset level. We are talking not classic skills of any MMORPG, but educational skills.

Each skill is compliant with a specific school program subject. To improve your skill of say long division, or decrease that of the opponent, the player will have to perform the necessary actions in terms of long division, and maneuver among monsters, other players, flying arrows or other external attacks at the same time. There is a vast number of skills, and the speed of using strengthening and weakening depends only on the player’s reaction and mental speed.

During a fight, the paramount significance is allocated to how fast the player can carry out several actions simultaneously, whilst doing it correctly and flawlessly.