Dozens of quests, hundreds of locations

An open game world will provide a great expanse to players, and everyone will be able to find a place after his own heart – the variety of landscapes leaves no one indifferent. Severe volcanoes, endless wetlands, cloud forests – an orderly plot allows visiting all these places, exploring them and solving their mysteries. The plethora of quests covering the entire school program – and not only – will let players look under every pebble diving into this bright world. There is no single static non-game character – each one has his own story and reasons to help the player or stand in his way.

For an older generation of players, secondary quests are developed giving more details about the island’s story and allowing to find out what has really happened and why the things are the way they are. You will be able to help locals with solving their questions and problems, if you want to, or find hidden trophies by solving various puzzles and analyzing the information received from the locals. This is uncovering the plot under an old-school games principle where the player’s choice actually affects the game-levels completion. However, even failing a quest the player can obtain the same information, but in a different and more complicated way. He can even achieve the final award, if he is lucky. The plot completion and the educational part intercross and translate into the single storyline, but all other plotlines can be unraveled in any order, if the player finds them, which is a different plotline as well.